There will be a number of services. This will include special mail handling options. The first service is aerogramme mail. This mail will cost $0.25 to mail, and will usually take 2 – 3 business days to reach the other side of the country. This however is not guaranteed. The second is standard mail. This is paper sealed into an envelope for mailing. The rate will be $0.50 for the first 28 grams + $0.25 per additional 28 grams. Like aerogrammes, mailing will take best efforts to receive in 2 – 3 business days.

Next will be guaranteed 2 – 3 day mail. An envelope the size of a sheet of paper will be used to send up to 20 sheets of paper to any domestic address with a guarantee of 3 business days. There will also be included tracking which you will receive the tracking number. The mailing of this will be $7.50 and insured up to $50.

Next will be Next Day Guaranteed. Like Guaranteed 2 – 3 day, this will be provided with an envelope where up to 10 sheets of paper can be packed in. The letter will arrive the next day before 5PM. There will also be included insurance of up to $50 and a tracking number. The cost of this mail will be $15.

In addition, the customer can bring a package to the postal office for mailing. Mailing will depend on size and weight. Prices will vary and depend on how fast to ship the package, and any insurance on such package. All packages will be given a tracking number.